Pakistani Latina Carol Asian Exposed

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Pakistani Latina Carol Asian Exposed

There is a very special little Pakistani lady, Carol Asian, who makes her living as a female escort. She has been in the business for many years and is very successful at it. You may wonder if she has a secret of her own.

Carol Asian goes out of her way to keep her clients discreet about their identities. She prefers to work with men and women. She is not interested in going to a certain motel chain.

She gets her clients at a relaxed women’s age. A little past forty and looking to meet her Moms-to-be. Carol Asian also likes to offer her services to both men and women. There are no gender-specific “classes” of clients that she will deal with.

There are different levels of sensuality and behavior that she will cater to men and women. A traditional or conservative man may not want to go to a place where he would be exposed to things he does not want to see. His desire for privacy can lead him to Carol Asian.

Carol Asian puts her clients first and then works for the satisfaction of her clients and their needs. If the client wants to go out, Carol Asian will facilitate that meeting at a more private and intimate location.

Cases can include singles, couples, or people involved in the legal system. Carol Asian is versatile and is very flexible. She can get to the location of a client in one day and meet them again in the same location in a week.

Carol Asian is very skillful at seducing people. She gives the viewer a sense of being very desirable. The clients she serves have some pretty intense needs that she fulfills. Carol Asian also offers special services to divorced or separated persons. She understands what is necessary for those people. She also has suggestions to help people achieve a sense of balance. She gets to know how a person functions when separated from his or her spouse.